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Cray Vallery

Cray Vallery

Cray Valley

Welcome to the Cray Valley Railroad

Hi – my name is Peter Bartlett, and this site is to show what I’ve been up to for a long time in Hon30 modeling.

I’ve always been a railway modeler – at least since my teens, and made a 00 scale Great Western branch line in my parent’s spare bedroom.

After a spell in the Army, I concentrated on my career in TV at the BBC.
In the early 60’s I had a filming assignment in Berlin, where I discovered Eggerbahn trains in a local model shop. They were quite inexpensive, so very soon after there was a small circle of track in my hotel room.

My enthusiasm for modeling was rekindled.
A very short time after, I was on location In New York, and went to the model shop on W45th Street. In the basement – an Aladdin’s cave – I bought a book about the Maine two footers, and for a while dreamed about having a layout based on these railroads.

Like many other Hon30 modelers, I was influenced by articles in the Model Railroad Craftsman, by Dave Frary and Bob Hayden about adapting Minitrains and using N scale mechanisms to power narrow gauge models.

My job as a cameraman then took me to Tokyo and a pre-arranged meeting with Shozo Inoue, who later traded as “Flying Zoo”. Shozo introduced me to Sango and Joe Works. The Cray Valley - still to be built – had some motive power.

The rest is a history of meeting the Hon30 fraternity over the years, and the help and encouragement I gained from them.

Dave Frary is a friend (from whom I learnt how to build scenery and how to weather equipment), along with Bob Hayden, Bob Brown, who publishes the Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette, and the many others I have met, over the years.

The Cray Valley started it’s life when we lived in Kew in London, and grew when we moved to Weybridge in Surrey where I had the use of a large building in the garden. Ten years ago we moved to Ireland and the railroad had a new purpose built workshop at our home in Killarney.

The only point of this website is to show what I have done in Hon30. If you have any queries you can contact me at:-

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